Adaptive Metropolis Symposium: User-Generated Urbanism

Friday, 09/27/13 – 09/29/13
Wurster Hall

The Adaptive Metropolis Symposium will convene a global community of thinkers and doers to discuss the future of collaborative city-making. We want to bring together citizens, designers, artists, activists, academics, entrepreneurs, government officials and policy makers all the way from San Francisco to the Global South. While there will be substantial time for informal conversation, the symposium features two days of structured debate and keynote addresses by Steven Johnson, Alfredo Brillembourg, Gil Penalosa, and Lisa Gansky. The symposium concludes on the third day with an urban exploration, led by the Rebar group, through the city of San Francisco.

For more information – including a list of speakers and a detailed schedule of events – please visit the Adaptive Metropolis website.